What is a Small or Tiny Home

Frequently, the distinction is made between a small home (400 to 1,000 sq. ft.) such as a “Park Model”, “Manufactured”, or “Modular Home” which are permanent residences, and tiny houses which are less than 400 sq. ft., and are “Towable” to a temporary site. Unlike manufactured homes and trailers, tiny houses are built to last as long as traditional homes, use traditional building techniques and materials, and are aesthetically similar to larger homes. Some examples of small home structures are shown below.

Building Value in Small Spaces

Applying science and engineering to living spaces of 800 sq. ft. or less, EGBB designs and manufactures modular system-built sustainable homes with structural defense and comfort features built-in. Home space is considered in terms of cubed space within a three-dimensional construct, sub-floor and “Outside the Wall” areas offering features that enhance the comfort and serviceability factors of our homes. Home value is, in part, determined by its usable space, condition, appearance and fixture upgrades. With small homes, the ability to live off-grid, locate on small land plots, or relocate for family or personal reasons are contributing factors. EGBB research and engineering resources are applied through our subsidiaries that deliver three types of small homes, each fitting a specific home owner and destination need.

Grand Teton Park Models

Factory-built with floor plan designs from 300 sq. ft. with loft and patio options.  Destination site expansion with sun rooms and covered porches are a desirable option. Designed for setting up on a concrete pad with city services, our Grand Teton homes can be optionally equipped with assisted grid capabilities. 

MicroHab Home

Modular factory-built structural sections that can be “Drop On” or “Assemble On” site. Floor plans from 200 to 800 sq. ft., city services and off-grid options supported. Production techniques support mobile manufacturing to overcome logistics and shipping limitations.

Freedom Crossover

Blending features from recreational vehicles with log cabins and park model homes, floor plans of 180 to 350 sq. ft. with loft options are possible. Towable and off-grid features provide flexible destination choices.

International Housing Concepts

Headquartered out of our Salem, Oregon facility that provides parallel home production lines, International Housing Concepts manufactures park model homes for Western United States distribution. To supply other territories across the country, manufactured components from this plant include flat-pack designs and production lines that can be cloned at other facilities. Dealer agreements in New England and new territories opening up in Florida and Texas, will be supplied from manufacturing facilities to be opened on the East Coast.

A Stronger Home Warranty

EGBB strives to provide our homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from an inclusive extended warranty, delivering products that are fully supported by our factory partners consistent with product claims. Homes and associated products from any of our divisions come with longer term and transferable product warranties, including third party products used in the furnishing and finishing of our homes. As with any home product, damage can be caused by accident, improper care, normal wear and tear, surface scratches, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Our product divisions stand by our homes and their owners to ensure the continued enjoyment of the home, and the retention of value in the investment our homeowners make.