Who We Are

Founded in 2013 to advance biofuel distribution and timber farming alternatives, until 2018 when guided by new management the company realigning its relationships and experience in building materials and focused on the need for innovative manufactured housing solutions. Realigning its relationships and experience in building materials towards the modular and system built home industry, the company has moved into new revenue opportunities while overhauling its internal systems and developing new products.

Our New Mission

Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc. refocused its operations and is marketing its products under the corporate name Quantum Housing Systems Inc., basing all of its manufacturing and engineering facilities in the U.S. The Company is addressing domestic needs for housing solutions for a broad segment of the market. The Company has developed a US-based supply chain to support local and national companies and to assure the availability of most of the key components used in our manufacturing process. Our mission is to deliver high-quality low-cost homes employing technology that works for owners of our homes and meets the requirements of sustainability for our environment and the locations where our homes form new communities.

In preparing our marketing operations under the name Quantum Housing Systems Inc, we have built a team with years of experience in manufacturing unique living systems and major project management activities. Through innovative design we deliver a quality living experience and design elements that are complementary to the overall Master Plan of a community. The living spaces we build deliver comfort, functionality, low maintenance and minimum environmental impact. Through an integration of technology with manufacturing processes we produce more efficient use of space, more comfort and More Home in Less Space.

International Housing Concepts

Designs and manufactures park model homes with 400 sq. ft. floor plans, conforming to the ANSI 119.5 (American National Standards Institute) and RVIA (RV Industry Association) standards. International Housing Concepts opened its first production facility to deliver homes to the Northwest in late 2019. To supply California and more easterly states the facility also supports modular and tilt-up custom designs. Additional facilities are in the planning phase for the Northeast, California and Southeast markets.

Stephen Labov


Stephen Labov began his working career in Benjamin E. Labov & Sons, a small family owned plumbing contracting company. In 1978 he purchased all the outstanding stock of the company and began trading as Labov Mechanical. By the mid 80’s the company reached $50 million dollars annual volume. By the late 80’s and early 90’s, while operating the mechanical company, he opened Labov Electric, Combustion Systems Inc., Fluidized Combustion Systems Inc., and Thermal Reductions Systems Inc. The companies designed and developed projects incorporating proprietary technologies to solve human & hazardous waste issues in an environmentally sound manner. In the mid 90’s, those projects and technologies were sold to Von Roll of Switzerland & Rhone Poulenc of France. In 1999, Mr. Labov sold all assets of the Labov Companies to EMCOR Group, Inc., Norwich, CT, a public company, and stayed on as President to run the company for 5 years.

In 2005, Mr. Labov invested in a residential development company and served as Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer and managed the company and projects ranging from $750K to $100MM until 2008. After that he began serving as a construction consultant to Atlantic City Linen Company, a nationwide commercial laundry, and then as a Business Management and Construction Consultant to Shovel Ready Projects, LLC, Pelican Investment Group, LLC, 9 Southeast 7th. LLC, PIER TOWNHOMES, LLC, Herrco Builders and 709 Penn Street LLC.

Throughout his career, he has taken on many non-paid corporate and civic responsibilities including the New Jersey Building Sub-code Committee, Construction Chairman UA 322 Education Committee, Construction Chairman Joint Apprentice Training Committee, Labor Negotiator – SJMCA, Past President – Atlantic County Contractors & Plumbing Contractors Association, Past Vice President – South Jersey Mechanical Contractors Association, Past Chairman – Local 322 Plumbing & Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship Committee & Mechanical Industrial Advancement Committee.

Scott Debo


Mr. Scott Debo is a Director and President of the Company. He also is president of all of the company’s subsidiaries .He is an accomplished management professional with experience in operations, technical sales, corporate development, digital marketing, finance, and private-equity. He is an insightful, motivating leader with a proven track record developing and mentoring high performing teams in multiple industries including development, construction and engineering.

Mr. DeBo has served as the Managing Partner from 2018 to the present at Lewis & VanVleet Engineering in Portland, Oregon. The company is a structural and civil engineering firm with 250 clients in seven western states specializing in commercial mid-rise buildings, hospitals, medical centers, and university sports stadiums.

He served as Director of Operations from 2016 to2018 at the Revelry Group, an agency with multiple profit centers including business consultation, advertising, leadership conferences, food and beverage production and distribution, and outdoor adventure travel.

From 2010 to 2016 Mr. DeBo served as Managing Partner of Evolution Capital Partners, a private equity firm focusing in public micro-cap lending and M&A. Mr. DeBo served as President and CEO of Colmek Systems Engineering, a systems integration design firm from 2001 to 2009. The Company is an OEM focused developer of ruggedized computers for use in military aircraft, submarines, durable medical equipment and oil pipeline inspection vehicles. Scott was a lobbyist to the U.S. Senate delegation, successful in securing earmark funding for Colmek.

Mr. DeBo is also a NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Official (Referee) from 2004 to the present

Steven Mayer


Steven Mayer, Director and Treasurer, has 30-years of experience in the computer, television, and electronic entertainment industries. His extensive experience includes working with fine and performing arts organizations and schools. His contributions have been as an individual technical contributor, a senior technical and general manager, as well as serving on management and oversight boards. He has lectured extensively in the design of user interfaces and the appropriate use of technology.

Mr. Mayer was the founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of Digital F/X, supplier of digital audio and video authoring workstations for the television, film, and multi-media industries.

Prior to Digital F/X, he was one of the founders of Atari, the video games and computer company. At Atari Mr. Mayer served as the chief architect for the Atari coin operated games, home programmable game system, and the Atari line of home computers. After Atari was acquired by Warner Communications, Mr. Mayer served as Executive VP for strategic planning at Warner and was part of the mergers and acquisition committee. He then formed and was President of Warner Communications Lab, the central research facility for all of the Warner divisions. He has also been an advisor to Intel, Nintendo, Apple and other companies concerning business and technical issues.

He has served on the board and the audits committee of Activision, a publicly traded company market capitalization of $60 billion, and several other privately held companies. He served on the board of SDC, a company that developed the ad-server for Face Book. SDC was acquired by Face Book for $170 million.

He serves as a technical advisor and is on the education and technology boards of numerous educational and arts organizations such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Aquarium of the Pacific, The Tech Museum of San Jose, Reed College, and the Harvard School of Education. He has also been an advisor to and testified before sub-committees of Congress and other governmental agencies concerning technology and was a member of the California State task force for technology in education

Mr. Mayer holds over 18 patents in the computer and multi-media area and has won an Emmy for technical achievement in the video industry.

Brent Roush.

General Manager International Housing Concepts

Mr. Roush brings over 24 years of industry experience to the company including 15 years as a senior sales and marketing executive at two of the largest manufactured housing companies in the United States, Brent is directing the sales and marketing operations of International Housing Concepts. During his career Brent held positions at Santiam homes, Clayton Homes, and the Karsten Homes division Clayton focusing on manufactured and modular homes.

Before joining EGBB Brent was Territory Sales Manager at Cavco Industries, one of the industry’s largest companies with over $880 million in annual sales of various types of manufactured housing product lines. During his nine-year career at Cavco he was responsible for marketing, the management of multi-million dollar sales transactions, tactical market research, new product development, product launch and the development of growth strategies for the company.

Rick Nelson.

Advisory Board Member

A career that brings 35-years of experience in the manufactured home/park model industry including retail, wholesale, factory representation, land development and service. Mr. Nelson has served as sales manager for Moduline Homes of Canada for their US operations, and as Western Regional Sales Manager for the Athens Homes division of Champion. In 2006 Mr. Nelson founded Park Model Homes in Spokane Washington, succeeding with sales of more than 100 Park Model homes last year.

Rick’s experience as a property developer, sales manager and owner-operator at a retail operation dealing directly with home buyers provides EGBB with valuable insight as to market trends. His insights into industry movements and consumer trends will assist management in understanding dealer operations as the company expands distribution channels.

Innovation and Strategy Board

Responding to the needs of EGBB for sophisticated financial, real estate and global operations strategies, our CEO has invited several individuals with a broad spectrum of experience to provide insight and guidance to the EGBB management team.