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Earth Gen-Biofuel is being transformed to deliver system built homes through a growing network of dealers and community developers. As we scale up production to meet the needs of our customers across the country, we are building prototype accessory dwelling, relocatable and tilt up homes that embrace advanced materials and systems to improve our homeowner experience.

Our company actively seeks vendors of materials, fixtures and finishes from around the world to help us deliver a better home. We partner with community developers and regional dealers to provide more home in less space at a lower operating cost, designed to appeal architecturally with custom features that home buyers desire. Earth Gen-BioFuel has a special interest in distressed communities, veteran and special needs homes that can be built within our production facilities and delivered to site.

Our name may not yet represent what our mission is, but if you would like to know more or have an interest in joining our team, send us an email on the form provided below.