Who We Are

Founded in 2013 to advance biofuel distribution and timber farming alternatives, Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc. (EGBB) is a publicly listed company (OTC symbol “EGBB”). Guided by new management toward a new mission since early 2018, the company has overhauled its accounting and reporting while realigning its relationships and experience in building materials.

Our New Mission

Each year approximately 5.5 million people buy a home according to Statista. According to MarketWatch, some 37% of those home buyers are looking to downsize, requiring some 2 million smaller homes to be provided annually. Individuals seeking work location housing, families under budgetary constraints, and various regional government programs seeking entry level housing are all adding demand. Media coverage of “Tiny Homes” has built an awareness across all age and income demographics, yet established industry players have not responded with new home models or production.

Home buyers have been driven towards do-it-yourself alternatives (kits or plans), to purchasing recreational vehicles or to adapt a factory built shed or other structure. EGBB through participation in consumer events and engagement with industry players found that combined deliveries from home kit or plan providers, Tiny Home manufacturers (including park model homes), and other modular home providers is in the range of 100,000 home units annually. Of the estimated two million homes required, that represents just 0.05% of a $120 Billion US market.

EGBB will provide sustainable housing solutions with a quality living experience that appeals to the “Tiny Home” audience. Through the application of advanced materials and ingenuity in mechanical systems, modularity in design and long-term sustainability, EGBB will deliver high retained value, lower entry price small homes.

Making the Right Moves

Blending proven features from all categories of home construction with innovative materials and electromechanical systems, EGBB is focused on home units of 800 sq. ft. or less of living space. A modular approach to construction and product finishing is designed to make maximum use of our production facilities, efficiently supporting the demand and scaling for our products. EGBB operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries aligned to individual product categories, each benefiting from centralized business development and engineering services.

International Housing Concepts

Designs and manufactures park model homes conforming to the ANSI 119.5 standard (American National Standards Institute safety standards) and RVIA standards (RV Industry Association).


Focusing on the design and manufacture of system-built homes with floorplans of between 200 and 800 sq. ft., MicroHab provides both fixed based modular and towed system built homes.

The EGBB Team

Robert Hayes. President & CEO

Prior to joining EGBB as its CEO in May of 2018, Mr. Hayes has extensively traveled managing complex multi million dollar projects in the USA, Asia and South America. Some of the projects included water distribution, power generation and petrochemical plants which required the supervision of large crews of engineers and craftsmen.

Beginning in 2001, Mr. Hayes applied his knowledge of software systems to the development of systems for asset tracking and funds transfer between financial institutes and their commercial/consumer clients. Mr. Hayes launched his own technology company, IPEFX, through which he collaborated to develop advanced systems security applications. Working within heavily regulated environments required Mr. Hayes to deal with representatives from many international agencies, and to apply software solutions across global infrastructure and communications networks.

Brent Roush. General Manager International Housing Concepts

Mr. Roush brings over 24 years of industry experience to the company including 15 years as a senior sales and marketing executive at two of the largest manufactured housing companies in the United States, Mr. Roush is directing the sales and marketing operations of International Housing Concepts. Mr. Roush in his career held positions at Santiam homes, Clayton Homes, and the Karsten Homes division Clayton focusing on manufactured and modular homes.

Prior to joining EGBB Mr. Roush was Territory Sales Manager at Cavco Industries, one of the industry’s largest companies with over $880 million in annual sales of various types of manufactured housing product lines. During his nine year career at Cavco he was responsible for marketing, the management of multi million dollar sales transactions, tactical market research, new product development, product launch and the development of growth strategies for the company.

Mr. Roush is responsible for designing and driving the International Housing Concepts market strategy, and collaborating with our innovation group to bring the next generation of park model system built homes to the market.

Ron Blair. Director of Operations MicroHab

Ron Blair has had a career within the recreational vehicle industry working with numerous manufacturers and dealer networks, and has operated his own dealership based in the state of Washington with sales above ten million dollars annually. Mr. Blair has been involved with building Tiny Homes for over five years with numerous appearances at public events and on HGTV, introducing a kit-based product line that used interlocking wood components for easier and sturdier construction.

Mr. Blair built a demonstration model that he tows to events, through which many thousands of visitors have been hosted. Mr. Blair’s understanding of the recreational vehicle market and the special considerations affecting distribution through regional dealers is instrumental to our companies overall strategy.

Rick Nelson. Advisory Board Member

A career that brings 35-years’ of experience in the manufactured home/park model industry including retail, wholesale, factory representation, land development and service. Mr. Nelson has served as sales manager for Moduline Homes of Canada for their US operations, and as Western Regional Sales Manager for Athens Homes division of Champion. In 2006 Mr. Nelson founded Park Model Homes in Spokane Washington, succeeding with sales of more than 100 Park Model homes last year.

Rick experience as a property developer, sales manager and owner operator at a retail operation that deals directly with home buyers provides EGBB with a valuable insight as to market trends. His insights into industry movements and consumer trends will assist management in understanding dealer operations as the company expands distribution channels.

Richard Hunsaker. Chief Engineer

For more than twenty years Richard has designed, developed and serviced sophisticated intelligent systems within the harsh environment of consumer gaming and broadcast communications. Richard has worked with materials and systems that must function continuously in a consumer environment where the user interface and control system receive millions of task requests each year.

With his knowledge of embedded computing and software products, Richard developed data security and predictive action systems for asset protection. Richard applies stringent testing methods to components, materials and gives special attention to environmental conditions that affect product assemblies. As Chief Engineer of our innovation division, Mr. Hunsaker is responsible for the EGBB systems strategy, materials testing and application and the introduction of technology to products and manufacturing processes.

Dr. Niccolo Caderni. International Operations.

Dr. Caderni will lead our international operations for sourcing, supply and marketing operations in Europe. This will position the EGBB for housing projects inside Europe and provide direct access to natural raw materials and innovative construction technology. There is a growing demand for Tiny Homes in Europe and bordering countries. Dr. Caderni is helping position EGBB to address this growing market as a complement to our production and marketing plans in the US.

Dr. Caderni’s career includes positions as a senior investment banker at Bankers Trust International, as a senior advisor to the Bentinck Thyssen family, and as a member of the Board of the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels. Dr. Caderni co-founded IPG AG, a technology incubator, and in 2000 was elected Chairman of the Board of Webiz Holding BV, the private equity fund of the Italian utility giant ENEL.

Dr. Caderni is the recipient of the 1978 Award of the Italian Physical Society for his research on General Relativity. Dr. Caderni has held academic positions at Cambridge University, the University of California, and the University of Pavia, amongst others.

Innovation and Strategy Board

Responding to the needs of EGBB for sophisticated financial, real estate and global operations strategies, our CEO has invited several individuals with a broad spectrum of experience to provide insight and guidance to the EGBB management team.