Building materials now include fiber-enhanced concrete, flexible panels, fiberglass, 3D printed assemblies, insulation, and fire-retardant alternatives. Durable finishes for floors, counter tops, cabinets and wall decoration have also benefited from material developments. However, any home is more than its constituent parts; it is a major purchase whose value is affected by human and environmental considerations. Since a modular compact or tiny home may come from a factory and arrive on wheels, it should not be confused with a large vehicle that cannot retain value due to mileage wear or the product/user profile.

Maintainability/Sustainable Materials

Our engineers work with research facilities and vendor partners to identify materials that address environmental, fire, climate, and fabrication issues. Construction cost is balanced against functionality.

Supplemented/City Connected Services

Power, water, and gas systems designed to supplement available services or provide independent operation. Built-in adaptability to suit site conditions and provide ease of use.

Flexibility/Adaptive Systems

Smart home appliances, lighting, security, personal assistance, and maintenance systems are all part of our research. In development are systems providing predictive conditioning and enhanced valuation.

Choice/Modular Structural Components

Applying advanced insulated panels with self-aligning interlocking systems, tilt-up and drop-off modules, our designs support adaptable layouts and expansion at the destination site.

Retention/Higher Quality Finishing

Value retention and longer warranty support are engineered into our homes by applying durable finishes, damage-resistant surfaces, comprehensive QC and connected predictive maintenance systems.

Comfort/Space Optimization

Small home space utilization without relegating comfort is critical to the design. Our team works with multi-axis furniture, and innovative fold-away fixtures to find the right blend.

Home Integrity and Awareness System (HIAS)

Small home community developments have unique challenges affecting value retention or resale value, consumer financing for small semi-permanent structures, and structure maintenance. EGBB is applying technology developed for plant monitoring and control to provide advanced notification of potential maintenance issues. Sensors provide measurements and data to be accessed through a home based information system. Using graphical user representation and app-based displays, the status of many home systems and structural conditions will compile to provide maintenance notifications and value calculations.

FusioniCity Connected Homes

Providing affordable homes for stressed communities and developing nations requires a 360º view of connected services, site construction challenges and cost, home materials logistics, and maintainability. EGBB engineering is researching methods and systems to provide low-cost durable housing connecting to flexible power/water systems, modular services facilities, and “Drop On Site” manufacturing. EGBB will provide housing solutions for temporary and permanent applications, and community development in stressed and developing areas.

Self Aligning Interlocking Structural Insulated Panels (SAISIPs)

The insulation properties and construction labor savings of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are well documented. This approach to building structures offers a framework that can be advanced to benefit EGBB built homes. Our engineers are exploring ways to enhance the current designs of SIPs, including fire retardation, home heating/cooling efficiency, interlocking components and self-aligning properties to ease construction issues. Innovation in our panel designs will be applied to all our modular fixed-base and destination towable model homes. EGBB plans to introduce a panel product incorporating our findings for general construction in 2020.

Partnering for Tomorrow

Future generations of home products will benefit from research being conducted within institutes of higher education, new ventures, and individuals in the private sector. EGBB and our subdivisions embrace new technologies and materials as part of our mission to deliver the highest quality, feature-rich homes to all our clients. EGBB leveraging its production and operations platform seeks relationships where the product or concept brings new value, production efficiency, or has the potential to open new markets. Please contact us for more information by Going Here.