International Housing Concepts

Park model homes are built on a single chassis that is mounted on wheels, and are no larger than 400 Sq. Ft. to comply with ANSI housing standards. Although park model homes fall under the size classification of a tiny home, they differ from “tiny homes” due to more flexibility and leniency in the housing standards. The optimization of space coupled with amenities and affordability attract homeowners that are looking to downsize from traditional homes with their inherent costs and limitations. The mix of age groups and special needs creates a demand for the highest quality construction blended with modern systems and material blends.

International Housing Concepts, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EGBB, designs park model homes that blend the latest in materials science with systems technology to provide luxurious “feature rich” maintainable homes. Standard floor plans support a high degree of customization to provide the high end look found only in the high end residential home market. Park model homes from International Housing Concepts include features such as textured walls, plant ledges, soffits over the cabinets, recessed lighting, high ceilings, rustic and modern interiors, bay windows, prismatic or clerestory dormers, lofts and expansive decks.

International Housing Concepts homes include:

  • Non-combustible and fire retardant materials
  • Moisture and rodent proof materials
  • Predictive and low maintenance systems
  • Built in home security and entertainment systems
  • Lifestyle enhancement for seniors, health challenged individuals and veterans
  • Extended front-to-back warranties

Designs for luxury cottages, camping resort lodges, supplemental and replacement homes and specialty buildings can be provided.