Building materials now include fiber enhanced concrete, flexible panels, fiberglass, 3D printed assemblies, insulation and fire retardant alternatives. Durable finishes for floors, counter tops, cabinets and wall decoration have also benefited from material developments. But any home is more than its constituent parts, it is a major purchase whose value is affected by human and environmental considerations. Because a modular compact or tiny home may come from a factory and arrive on wheels, it should not be confused with a large vehicle that cannot retain value due to mileage wear and the product/user profile.

Materials Research

Our engineers work with research facilities and vendor partners to identify materials that address environmental, fire, climate and fabrication issues. Construction cost is balanced against functionality.

Interior Exterior Finishes

With guidance from interior design professionals, our engineering team reviews finishing materials for walls, floors, counter tops, decking and ceilings. Luxury and convenience is the mission.

Home Systems

Smart home appliances, lighting, security, personal assistance and maintenance systems are all part of our research. In development, are systems to provide predictive conditioning and enhanced valuation.

Tiny Homes of the future are coming from EGBB