Earth Gen Biofuel Inc. (“EGBB” website: is a publicly traded company headquartered and registered in Nevada. EGBB through its subsidiaries International Housing Concepts Inc. and MicroHab Inc., along with our Fusionicity and Erigo Developments division, is filling the need for tiny home products and innovation in the U.S.

There is a tremendous need for affordable housing units. Our company’s state-of-the-art designs allow the housing units to accommodate both on and off grid installation giving us access to a broad spectrum of the market. Our target markets include Veteran communities, resort housing communities, temporary housing for construction workers at remote locations, and emergency housing needs resulting from natural disasters. There is also opportunity to develop low cost micro-housing for the international market, which the company plans to address in the coming years.

EarthGen is structured to be the holding company for our operating divisions and subsidiaries which include the following:

International Housing Concepts Inc.

International Housing Concepts designs and produces park model homes, conforming to the ANSI 119.5 standard. The company has primary product lines, Replicators that are designed in style to fit in with existing community homes, and Luxor which includes unique floor plans, smart system features and sustainable material/mechanical systems.

MicroHab Inc.

MicroHab Inc. will design/manufacture towable self-contained Tiny Houses, blending in the log cabin experience with proven recreational vehicle systems. With under a 400 Sq. Ft. living area, these units will include a unique application of mechanical and electrical systems to provided an expanded living area upon reaching the destination.

Fusionicity, Division of Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc.

Fusionicity is our research and developments division. This division is tasked to review and develop materials for construction, mechanical and electrical systems, communications, utility, and safety systems for our products. The Fusionicity charter is to develop methods and materials that support our extended warranty service and provide a higher value retention of our homes.

Erigo Developments, Division of Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc.

Erigo Developments will build relationships with property owners, real estate developers and other partners that have projects suitable for our products. By introducing the total capabilities of our group of companies, early involvement in planned communities will help us build volume sales and counter balance the seasonal impacts to revenue lines and manufacturing operations.