A Different Design View

Small homes designed with the destination location, local services and value retention in mind.

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Comfort & Functionality

Home floor plans finished with form-changing fixtures and furnishings that open up the family space.

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Intelligent Systems

Guidance and security systems that provide a 360° view of the home condition and service needs.

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Announcing MicroHab Launches in California

Earth Gen-BioFuel Inc. (“EGBB”) is opening a product development facility for our MicroHab product line in Northern California. In partnership with Level One Housing, a local building contractor, a design and modeling facility  will support the main product prototype facility in the Sacramento area. Early inquiries for MicroHab home units from distressed and financially pressured communities are being addressed. Our first showcase models will include design features addressing the special needs and logistics issues facing these communities.

Affordable Small Homes is Our Focus

With the growing need for affordable housing in the domestic and international market, the application of new sustainable materials and system-built modular structures offer possible solutions. EGBB is investing in new production facilities and materials research to provide system-built houses, and working with real estate developers and financing groups to provide small semi-permanent and final destination homes. Ingenuity with mechanical and connected intelligent systems give our home units flexibility in space utilization, maintainability and reliance on available city services. The mission of EGBB is to deliver lower entry cost, higher retained value, and easily maintained homes. Our name is not yet reflective of our goal, but our team is dedicated to that purpose.