Homes from our subsidiary, International Housing Concepts, vary in construction style. Park models of 400 Sq. Ft. and larger tilt-up constructed units provide a wide array of living configurations. Optional lofts, decks and add-on rooms, multiple bedrooms and leisure spaces are provided.

MicroHab living and leisure units are the perfect blend of log cabin and recreational vehicle.  These are towable micro homes with both off-grid and city services options appealing to the camping community or resorts, and are perfect for guest quarters or leisure spaces.

Developments in construction and finishing materials, home systems, environmentally smart appliances and utility equipment are occurring at  a rapid pace. Fusionicity, a division of our company, performs market research while developing advanced systems to improve our products.

Erigo Developments
Financing Services

There is a tremendous need for affordable housing units. Our company’s state-of-the-art designs allow the housing units to accommodate both on and off grid installation giving us access to a broad spectrum of the market. Our target markets include Veteran communities, resort housing communities, temporary housing for construction workers at remote locations, and emergency housing needs resulting from natural disasters.

Earth Gen-Biofuel Inc. is basing its manufacturing facilities in the U.S. to address domestic needs for affordable housing units. The company’s goal is to deliver high quality, low cost dwelling units that employ technology to meet sustainability and ease of maintenance requirements. We are working with real estate developers to create modular low cost housing communities. In preparation for the new mission, we will be announcing new management and additions to our board of directors. Visit this site often to stay informed.